My day, 25 January 2018 (when everything goes wron

25 january 2018, our trip to Nice
we left our village, my sister and I, and parked her car at Chateauneuf to catch the public bus Grasse-Nice. We stopped over at Cap 3000 as I had to buy a part for my computer. We then took a (nice) city-bus to Nice centre. I bought the 2 tickets, and both rushed to get a seat. A few stops later, a team of 6 men got on the bus to control tickets. I give my 2 tickets, one guy says, ‘come out with me.’ I call my sister, we get off the bus, which goes away. I had not ‘validated’ these two tickets (each 1.5 euros) because we did not know they had to be validated, and because we did not see any sign, though there are, to mention that.
I paid a 40 euro-fine per person, i.e. 80 euros for not having validated two 1.5 euro-tickets!!!! I was in a rage! It was humiliating to be treated like a thief, like one of those young North African who come as ‘immigrants’ to my country and refuse to abide by its laws.
Anyhow, we were to meet an old friend of mine, and have lunch together. We go to our favourite restaurant, with provençale cuisine, and a lovely atmosphere. To the table next to ours, two women sit, mother and daughter. Suddenly in the street where we were, two muslim women pass, completely covered with a burqa. The daughter started bravely I must say, to verbally abuse the women, saying they had to go back to their country, that we French women spent generations and generations to be treated equally with men, and that this backward attitude had nothing to do here.
The shops around also belong to Muslims, and they shouted back at the woman. They even threatened her to death. The restaurant owners, 3 old ladies, asked the woman to leave, they offered her the lunch, no matter. The woman did not want.
If I totally agreed with her, the problem is that she was in a private place, in a restaurant, who later could have trouble with their muslim neighbours. We tried to explain that.
We left, while she was calling the police to come and help her because of the death threats she had received: second trauma…
we decide to go to the office of this city bus company, we finally get there just to be told that they don’t solve disputes in person, but that we must write to the company. We walked a long walk to get there: third story
Fourth story: we continue our errands in Nice, and I say it’s time to go back, so we go toward the bus stop Nice-Grasse. My sister says she needs to go to the loo, and we look for a bar, not difficult in Nice. She finds one. We order first, silly as we are, then only I ask, where is the toilet? The girls reply, there is no toilet here! In France, I am not sure it is legal to have a place for the public and no toilet. We thought it was too much for this day.
We finally got back to our village.
What a day! What a day! It’s awful when everything goes wrong, gives you a feeling of powerlessness, of being swept by a nasty destiny. Did not sleep well last night.

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