300-HOUR TTC, HONG KONG 11 June ~ 4 Sept 2019

All information is https://www.meipian.cn/1g9rd1mh?share_depth=2&user_id=ohbsluOjdP0GOSdKe7jlKvUlxPbk&share_user_mpuuid=null&from=singlemessage&isappinstalled=0
Dates: 11 June ~ 5 September 2019
The course will be in English--I can speak mainland Chinese but not Cantonese, the language of Hong Kong.
The translator will translate from English to Cantonese. This is no waste of time, since it also takes time to take notes...
you can contact me to know better where it is--located near the MRT station Yao Ma Tei on Kowloon, a place I love, animated, typically Hongkongese, fresh markets...
as always for any question please contact me at yogayantra@gmail.com or
Mr Fong Fai at fongfaiyoga@yahoo.com.hk 广东话
Thank you
PS: the course is everyday from 9 am to 1 pm, Tuesday is day off (a weekday so that people can do their errands, everything being open).
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