200, 300 hour TTC VIET NAM 2020

This TTC is divided into two parts, so that we make it easier, as 300 hours correspond to one month and a half and it is a long period.
the 1st part is ...  3 February ~ 2 March 2020 this is the 200 hour-TTC proper
for the 300-hour TTC, the first part is ... 10 February ~ 2 March 2020
for the 300-hour TTC, the 2nd part is ... 11 May ~ 1 June 2020
This 300-hour TTC, as always, include 32 hours of PRE- NATAL and POSTNATAL yoga led by Tetyana Ratoushnyak.
The date of her intervention will be communicated next year. It will occur in the 2nd part of the TTC (between 11 May and 1 June 2020).
For the content of both, 200-hour and 300-hour TTC, please refer to my blog in this website
For any question, please contact yogayantra@gmail.com
and for any question about the price, anything about Nha Trang... and to register, please contact Ms LAN, at https://www.facebook.com/DXGymYoga/ on facebook or by Messenger on Lan Pham. If you are in Vietnam, by her mobile phone number +84 0909400681
Thank you
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