More info about Yogayantra's TTCs

  To join my 200 hour TTCs you don't need any special preparation. There is no entrance-examination or any special requirement.
BEGINNERS ARE WELCOME IN MY 200-HOUR TTCs. But please, bear in mind that there are always very few beginners in my TTCs (if at all)--one person was afraid to be amidst beginners! No way!

    My TTCs are deep and constructive, and when the TTC is over, I also give guidance for ongoing studies, because yoga is not something you can learn in 200 hours.

    Although the programme seems to be the same for everyone, you will quickly notice that I will know each of you individually. Since I want my TTC students to be able to teach individually, I also teach individually. Each posture can be done differently, with or without props, at different levels. You will also learn, in one of our Teaching Methodology class, to observe and “know” your student after the first “surya namaskar”. I teach individually, that is, in a class of 20 students, I teach 20 private classes.

     A TTC is just opening the door to the infinite world of Yoga, and I help students as I would have liked to have been helped myself: Although I have taken many TTCs/workshops, I never got any real guidance, neither in the field of philosophy, or in anatomy or in teaching methodology. That’s why in my TTCs I do my best to provide this guidance, and after a TTC with me, you can always ask me questions through email. I always answer.
     Also, I am constantly studying and practicing, as I make no difference between "working", "having activity", and "studying".
     To join my 300 hour TTCs though, you must have a 200-hour TTC certification already, from Yogayantra or from any other school, and whatever the style.

   On Yogayantra's facebook account, there are many photos. Here are some links:
TTC 500 hours in Rishikesh 2012
Shenzhen TTC August-September 2011

   Yogayantra has another website,, when this one is blocked by some censorship! (smile).

My youtube links adjusting Yvonne in a flipflop adjusting Ineke in a handstand adjusting Nipa, August 2009 adjusting Liu Jian, 2008 TTC A adjusting Liu Zhou in a flip flop, 2007 on non-renunciation teaching from vasisthasana to visvamitrasana teaching vishvamitrasana teaching visvamitrasana

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