Not all yoga studios have ethics!


This is a link I just find
This yoga studio in Hangzhou uses my name to advertise.
I must say that this TTC NEVER HAPPENED. It was cancelled because there were not enough students.
I have asked many, many times to the owner of this studio to remove this page by email, by mobile phone messages. She refuses, saying "it belongs to the past of the studio.” It belongs to no past at all, it simply did not happen.
I want to precise that I have NOTHING TO DO with this studio. Even the negociation of this TTC was very difficult. The woman who owns the studio wanted to condition my payment to Yoga Alliance. She said she would pay me only after Yoga Alliance would have registered the students. Knowing that it takes 6 months to YA to register anyone, I refused. Again and again she harassed me until I said, “Ok, then I am not teaching this TTC at all.” Then only she “understood”.
Here again, I am asking that stubborn woman to remove this advertisement from her website, she says she doesn’t “understand”.
I let you conclude… But unfortunately, not everyone in the field of yoga has ethics!
It is very annoying for me, since people don’t understand how I could be in Hangzhou AND in Shanghai at the same time.

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