TTCs are NOT yoga spiritual retreats

I see some confusion about my TTCs

I have recently been bombarded with funny questions by students interested in my TTCs. I think that there is some confusion.
My TTCs are NOT spiritual retreats, somewhere in the desert, in silence, sacred place etc. They are YOGA TEACHER INTENSIVE TRAINING COURSE, gathered in 25 days, with 8 hours per day, where I have to share the time into various topics, and with specific requirements from Yoga Alliance.
If I was to lead a spiritual retreat in the Himalayas, the schedule would be different.

HERE, THIS IS ABOUT A TTC in 200 hours in 25 days, with specific requirements from YA, and a concentrated schedule that should not spread over more than 10 hours per day, including the two breaks. I also give many leads, and later, the students will have the possibility to undertake personal retreats, because they will have enough elements in their knowledge to do so. And this I encourage you to do so, as I have done myself, so many times.

It’s not that I am not spiritual, it is that I have a commitment: to teach you how to teach and not to become liberated (if, you became liberated at the same time, I’d be so happy)! [smile]
The day I decide to lead spiritual retreats, I will advertise for SPIRITUAL RETREAT! For the moment, I leave it to my teacher in Dzogchen teaching, Choegyal Namkhai Norbu. Let me reach moksha first! [smile]

Yours friendly (or “namaste” if you prefer, it’s more spiritual!)

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