Not all yoga studios have ethics!

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Don't bring fear with you on a yogamat!

On a Monday late afternoon, I was going to teach the 7 pm class in a yoga studio, in Shanghai.
There must have been two students I knew, and a few I had never had in my class. So I asked them the traditional questions about their health, did they have any health issue, did they want in this class to focus more particularly on one part of the body, or did they want to do a specific posture and I would build up the sequencing toward it, etc.
And one of the student did not reply to the question about her health, but just said she was a yoga teacher. Well, that certainly to meant that she knew her body and if she had any problem she knew already how to deal with it. Well, well.
I asked her what she used to teach, “astanga”, she said.
Many of her postures were not that good—well, for a yoga teacher, a certain imprecision in the alignment, hip going too low in virabhadrasana B, a few details like that. And I finished my standing sequence on the right side by jumping into a one leg pinca mayurasana.
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